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The following data protection provisions inform the user on how Travel free uses the user's personal data and how it guarantees data protection. These data protection provisions apply to all Travel free products and services. The subject matter of these provisions is the collection, processing and use of personal data whenever the user uses Travel free products or services. The user declares his agreement with these data protection provisions by registering with Travel free website for the purpose of using Travel free products or services.

Collection of personal data

Personal data is collected on Travel free website, including during customer registration for newsletter subscription. Personal data includes any data which indicates the identity of the person to whom it relates, or which can be used to identify that person. Travel free may also collect data concerning the user's use of Travel free website and services. If the user uses website or Travel free products or services, Travel free may record certain information to enable, evaluate and monitor use of the website and the Travel free products and services.

Use of the user's personal data

Travel free will treat the user's personal data in confidence and will only make it available insofar as this is permitted by data protection laws or if the user has consented to this. The personal data collected by Travel free will be used to operate and improve Travel free's website and services and to execute the agreements concluded with the user. Personal data will be recorded in connection with the user's activities to enable, support and analyze anonymously such activities for the purposes of improving the websites and services, as well as to prevent fraud and illegal use. Travel free may also use data concerning the user's online activity on the website to offer content and advertisements tailored precisely to the user's interests. In some cases, Travel free may also use the user's personal data to communicate with the user. Travel free will submit the user with trading information regarding new products, promotional activities etc. which shall not be considered as unsolicited trade messages.

Transfer of the user's personal data

With the exception of the cases mentioned in this privacy statement, the user's personal data will not be passed on to third parties without the user's consent.

Some of Travel free's services may be offered in conjunction with another company, including companies based outside of the territory of registration of the website. If the user registers for or uses a service of this type, the other company will also receive the information gathered in connection with this service and required for providing the respective service. The same shall also apply to data collected by means of cookies and similar instruments. In addition, the companies concerned undertake to keep the data thus transferred confidential. The companies concerned are expressly prohibited from using the information for other purposes. The data may also be passed on to a service provider for payment processing within the scope of execution of the agreement.

Travel free may also transfer personal information, including the content of the user's messages, for the following purposes:

  1. to meet statutory requirements or in response to complaints or legal proceedings,
  2. to protect the rights or property of Travel free and its customers, including the enforcement of agreements or guidelines on the use of the services,
  3. to act on the justified assumption that such action is necessary to protect Travel free's employees, customers or the general public.

Security of the user's personal data

Travel free accepts responsibility for the security of the user's personal data. It employs various security technologies and methods to protect the user's personal data from unauthorized access, misuse or inadmissible disclosure. The user's personal data will be stored in computer systems which only a few selected people are authorized to access.

If the user protects his accounts and personal data with a password, it is his responsibility to keep the password secret. The user must not pass this information on to others. If the user uses a computer which is also used by other people, he should always log out before leaving a website or a service, to prevent subsequent users from accessing his data.

Use of cookies

In some cases, Travel free may use technologies such as cookies (data packet that is copied to the user's hard drive by a web server) or similar instruments to collect data. Travel free uses these instruments to enable it to track the use of website, products and services. The Travel free website uses cookies to enable the user to register for certain services and to personalize the website during his visit. Travel free may insert web beacons into advertising e-mails or into newsletters to determine whether the message was opened and whether the user responded. Travel free may enlist the assistance of third parties for these measures, who consequently also come into possession of the collected data. The functionality of the Travel free website may be restricted if the user do not accept cookies, etc.

Cookies are usually small text files, given ID tags that are stored on user computer's browser directory or program data subfolders. Cookies are created when user uses its browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of the movements within the website, help user to resume where user left off, remember the registered login, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions. The website stores a corresponding file (with same ID tag) to the one they set in the browser and in this file they can track and keep information on the movements within the website and any information user may have voluntarily given while visiting the website, such as email address. There are different types of cookies:

First and third-party cookies: whether a cookie is ‘first’ or ‘third’ party refers to the domain placing the cookie. First-party cookies are those set by a website that is being visited by the user at the time.

Third-party cookies: are cookies that are set by a domain other than that of the website being visited by the user. If a user visits a website and another entity sets a cookie through that website this would be a third-party cookie.

Persistent cookies: these cookies remain on a user’s device for the period of time specified in the cookie. They are activated each time that the user visits the website that created that particular cookie.

Session cookies: these cookies allow website operators to link the actions of a user during a browser session. A browser session starts when a user opens the browser window and finishes when they close the browser window. Session cookies are created temporarily. Once the user closes the browser, all session cookies are deleted.

Legal basis for the processing of (personal) data in connection with marketing cookies (if any) is the user’s consent. After a given consent, you may object to the use of cookies that are used for measuring the range of coverage and promotional purposes via Privacy settings

This online service uses the following cookies:









Essential info about the session.

During the session


Google Analytics


Used to distinguish users.

2 years


Google Analytics


Used to distinguish users.

1 day


Google Analytics


Used to throttle request rate.

1 min


Google Analytics


Used to throttle request rate.

1 min


Google Analytics


Contains campaign related information for the user.

2 months, 29 days


Google Analytics


With this ID, Google can identify users on various websites and domains and display personalized ads.

1 year

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